mercoledì 10 giugno 2009

Animation Soup

image © Naomi Nagata

Today I would talking about some discovers I made about japanese animation. Around a month ago I went in a free projection session at the CCCB (Barcelona) in which I watched a collection of short animated movies called Animation Soup. I still don’t have idea if its a collection of an animation class/school or a collective of animators. For the quality I suppose the first option. Some works were very short and sometimes totally no sense, but in the complex was funny and interesting.

I would like to have more informations about the artists or the project but all the informations I found are in japanese so I can’t continuing my research and most of the animators don’t have a website or an understandable one. But I would share with you what I found.

Yukiko Abe animated a funny story of a donout life, Naomi Nagata has a very particular technique made by levels and opaque shadows, I found her website but I can’t find more works on it. Fumi Wai created a surrealistic story of a cook that steal the sun and start to be followed from hundreds of rabbits. And Yoshimi Shimizu has made a very interesting and crazy loop work.

But the one that most interested me is Atsushi Wada and fortunately I found some of her stuff on youtube. It’s very interesting her way to represent concepts, her dreamy and scary world. Sometimes she remembers me Blu works. Have a look!

If you find/understand something more about those artists please let me know.

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